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What is the Envelope System?

Being in my late 20’s (very sad to say), I try my hardest to keep my expenses down. At the same time, since I'm only in my late 20’s, I haven’t quite mastered this … yet at least.

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Punny Valentine's Day Cards

So, it's almost Valentine's Day, which means chocolate and flowers for some, and the reminder of loneliness for others (I'm with the latter unfortunately). But no fear! I decided to make everyone smile on this day, or roll their eyes immensely, with some Punny Valentine's Day Cards - of course with JAM in mind!

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DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

Nowadays, DIY basically translates to 'do it yourself only if you're super rich, have a lot of room in your house (and all the time in the world), know how to paint like Picasso, and/or have experience with carpentry'. Let's just say I'm working two jobs, live in an apartment, can't even paint by numbers, and almost nailed my finger to a board in 8th grade wood class (true story).

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