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Achieve optimal organization with JAM Stackable Desk Tray Sets! These colorful trays will give your workspace a pop of color and help you clean up your desktop. Stack them or separate theme, whichever is most convenient for you! Paper trays can hold up to 300 sheets of letter size paper each. You'll have all the paper storage you could ever need. The office supply tray is perfect for holding an extensive variety of desk supplies. Fits pens and pencils, staplers and staples, paperclips, and much more. Combine the office supply and paper trays for the ultimate desk organizer!

Organize your files in the way that makes most sense to you. The more trays you stack, the more space you have to organize!

Stackable Desk Tray Sets measure 12 3/8 x 5 1/4 inches. Each set includes 2 Stackable Paper Trays and 1 Office Supply Desk Tray for a total of 3 items.

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