Office Clip Box

Do you handle important documents in your day-to-day job and feel like you can't keep track of them? Want an easy and stylish way to keep your documents together? Go with our Paper Clip Assortment Packs! It's got everything you need in a variety of colors. Our Sets come in small, medium or large sizes. The small set comes with 16 unique paper clips, the medium set comes with 24 paperclips, and the large set comes with 30.

These aren't your typical boring paperclips either. All of these are unique and are sure to make your papers stand out! Each set comes with different styles of paperclips, coming in different shapes and designs. Each box set has small compartments inside so that you can keep the different clips organized, and the box will easily fit in your drawer or on your desktop so that your workspace won't be cluttered. It's a deal that can't be beat. Get your Plastic Clip Assortment Pack today!

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