Solid Color Paper

Change up your mundane stationery habits with dark paper. Say goodbye to standard, boring office and notebook paper and say hello to colorful dark paper and cardstock. The dark shades are perfect for the office. They look professional all the while being affordable! Use our paper for flyers, promotional mail, invitations, whatever you decide. Making sure that your business has an edge but still looks professional is the best way to attract potential clients - and with this dark base paper and cover, those two adjectives are completely met.

Choose from many different dark paper colors including: Presidential Blue, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Dark Grey, Dark Orange, Dark Red, Dark Purple, Bakri Chocolate Brown, Bakri Raspberry, and Bakri Teal!

Dark Base Paper and Cover is available in 28lb, 32lb, 80lb, 92 lb., and 93 lb. Both come in packs as small as 50 sheets.

Want to make the perfect stationery set? Look under 'Other JAM'n Products You Might Like' for matching Dark Base Envelopes!

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