Binder Clips

In a bind? Maybe these clips can help. Binder Clips will help keep your files both organized and secure, not to mention they’ll look great doing it. Leave the handles upright for handling and hanging, fold them down to keep papers together in your file folders, or remove them altogether for permanent binding. Our Binder Clip Assortment can also be folded flat for storage. The versatility of these clips will surely make any bind or problem be brushed away with the perfect combination: color and organization. As far as office products go, a JAM Paper brand binder clip must-have!

Solid Colored OIC Binder Clips come in packs of 25, 15, or 12 (depending on size) and include Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Gold, Grey, and White.

Design Binder Clips are available in assorted colors, in packs of 10 and include Green and Grey Design, Black with Blue and Peach Honeycomb Design, Green/White Polka Dot and Dark Brown Damask Design, and Green and Blue with Brown and White Stripes.

Binder Clips paper clamps come in assorted sizes of 19mm (3/4 inch), 32mm (1 1/4 inch), and 41mm wide and are great for those looking to add some creativity to their clipping needs.

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