Not having Place Cards at a dinner party, work banquet dinner, Hanukkah party, or reception on your wedding day isn't the smartest idea. You don't want your special day ruined by the added stress of having to place all your guests in respective spots. These place cards will not only make sure that your guests or clients know exactly where to sit, but they will also bring a great image to your party. With elegant and classy designs, these place cards are sure to make your party seem just as elegant. Try silver, try gold, try ivory, try white for suave wedding place cards. You can design the name tags as well as the font on our personalized stationery your guest name printing will be as elegant or as fun as the rest of your party. If you don't want to fully customize, we've got name card templates you can use as well. With our options, you can easily match the cards to your wedding decor or party decorations. Whatever color table cards you decide on and whatever design speaks to you will make your kids birthday party, anniversary party, Christmas party, or engagement party the best party of the year.

Our Place Cards are available two sizes:

-Foldover 3 Drug Size: 2 3/16 x 3 3/8 inches, meaning they can fit in a 3 drug Envelope. Available in Strathmore Bright White Wove with our without Panel.

-Foldover Place Cards: 2 x 4 1/4 in packs of 25 or 100. Available in many different designs, embossed, bordered, double bordered, even triple bordered.

-Ornate Foldover Place Cards: 3 x 4 in packs of 8. Available as white cards with gorgeous foil borders.

So start browsing for the perfect place card for your party.

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