Acrylic Paint Markers

Make your crafts come to life with these Acrylic Paint Markers! As you search through our rainbow of colors, we guarantee you'll find the perfect markers to decorate your crafts, beautify your invitations, or even write your school notes.

This marker pen is lightfast and permanent when dry to make your crafts last as long as possible. Lead-free, waterproof, odorless, and non-toxic, any person can pick them up, start drawing, and be safe in the process. These paint markers are as easy as shaking, pressing down, and watching the color appear!

Pick between our Chisel Tip Markers, similar to a paint pen which lets you decide whether you want to make fine lines or broad strokes or our Jumbo Markers that are great on foam, paper, and even wood. These are much better than empty markers or regular colored pens. When you want to make sure your crafts look beautiful and stay beautiful, these acrylic paint markers are the way to go.

Acrylic Paint Markers come in two different sizes: Regular with a Chisel Tip and Jumbo with a Flat Tip.

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