Glossy Wrapping Paper

Wrap your presents in a rainbow of colors! With our Glossy Wrapping Paper Rolls, you'll be able to match every occasion, every theme, and every present. The glossy finish of each roll will leave your present shining bright. And because of this, your recipient will definitely want to open yours first (so remember to get a good one).

Great for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and other special events! Every color can match every holiday too! From Christmas Red to Wedding White, to Halloween Orange to St. Patrick's Green! The selection is endless for the perfect gift for your perfect recipient.

Our Glossy 12.5 sq ft Wrapping Paper is 2.5 ft wide and 5 feet long, which results in its name: 12.5 sq ft of gift wrap!

We even carry Matt Wrapping Paper Rolls for a subtle yet fancy impression. 25 sq ft MATTE wrapping paper rolls, are 10 feet of paper x 2.5 ft wide. Available in Chocolate Brown, Cobalt Blue, Red, Grey, and Black. You can check out more colors of our Matte wrapping paper under 'Other JAM'n Products You Might Like'!

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