Ivory labels

Ivory labels

Ivory Labels are super versatile! Whether you use them to label gifts, address packages or organize your belongings, Ivory Labels guarantee one thing: a cleaner and simpler lifestyle. The classic color and beautiful elegance that comes with these labels will ensure that your envelopes, packages, and bins are as professional as they get. All you need to do is stick them on whatever you'd like and they're immediately good to go.

Whether you go with our simple and smooth Ivory Labels or go for a more antique look with our Natural Parchment Labels is up to you!

Ivory Labels are available in four different sizes:

- 1 x 2 5/8
- 2 x 4
- 3 1/3 x 4
- 1 2/3 Inch Circle

Ivory Labels are printer-friendly so you can create your own message professionally and efficiently. Instructions are on the back, this way all you have to do is type and click print.

Check out our collection of labels to see more colors and even more sizes.

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