Shred Tissue

What better way to prepare a surprise than to use shred tissue? Shred Tissue is perfect for decorating and presenting your gifts with maximum dramatic effect! Available in various colors and styles, you'll find the perfect addition to your occasion. Match any color theme with our Color Shredded Tissue. Use Metallic Shred Filler or Stix as confetti for formal parties and celebrations. The smallest amount of this tissue can hype up any event!

Not only is Shred Tissue great for its aesthetic purposes, but it's also essential in keeping small or delicate presents and objects safe and secure. Fill up your Easter baskets with shred tissue to prevent your jelly beans and other goodies from falling through the cracks. Or stuff a gift box with some of this tissue to conceal your gift and create extra suspense. Your gift recipient will be excited and pleasantly surprised when they finally get to open the present!
Shred Tissue will add something special to your crafts, gifts, and events.

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