Plastic Silverware

Are the dishes just becoming way too much for you? Are all of your spoons dirty and you now have to eat ice cream with your hands - because all of those forks and knives are dirty too? Well, JAM is here to help. With our plastic silverware you don't need those dishwasher friendly knives, forks and spoons anymore. All you need is a pack of these they will go a long way!

So stop forking around and get our Plastic Silverware now! We basically are spoon feeding you what you want - easy, clear, and shiny plastic silverware with no need for a dishwasher! (We don't have a knife idiom that makes sense...)

Plastic Silverware is ideal for any party or special event. Featuring an elegant shine, this heavy weight Plastic Silverware can handle that tension that could be cut with a knife! (We tried)

Plastic Silverware is available in packs of 20 and boxes of 100. We carry Forks, Knives, and Spoons. With no minimum order, you can stack up for all the year's parties! Colors include red, blue, white, clear, and black.

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