0.75 Inch Binders

Sometimes binders can be bulky. They can barely fit in those tiny lockers and take up a lot of room in your office. But with these 3/4 Inch Binders, you'll never have to worry about your space being used up again. These are our smallest size binders! Perfect for when you need to keep your presentation in one place or to carry a school subject that has a light paperwork load. Each binder we have is sturdy, durable, and lightweight making them easy to carry around.

Click through our categories to find one that fits the occasion. Want to stay super stylish while keeping your organizational skills intact? Try our Cloth Covered 0.75 Inch Binders. They contain a high quality, heavy duty, cloth like finish to make sure that your papers stay safe and secure. Or go for the more classic Clear Grid 0.75 Inch Binder. Available in over five different colors, you are sure to find one you love. The glass twill design makes for the sturdiest plastic and the inside pocket adds even more storage. They even come with a slot for your business card, making sure that you'll be able to advertise your company as you carry the binder through your office halls. So go thin or go home with our 0.75 Binders, you'll be happy you did.

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