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Office supplies, every color, every size. Office supplies, every color, every size.
Colorful Cardstock from JAM Paper!Colorful Cardstock from JAM Paper!

Dive into our personalized assortment of paper and cardstock, carefully chosen to reflect your individual style. With a diverse range of sizes, colors, and designs, you'll discover the ideal materials for bringing your creative visions to life, making every occasion uniquely yours!

Plastic Envelopes from JAM Paper!Plastic Envelopes from JAM Paper!

Color Splash, Security Powerhouse. Experience the perfect blend of style and strength with our vibrant envelopes. Featuring bold colors and resilient materials, they're meticulously crafted to withstand the chaos of your busiest days. Say goodbye to worries and hello to confidence with every use!

Paper & Cardstock

Choose from a variety of paper & cardstock

options, available in a variety of styles, sizes & colors,

perfect for any occasion!


Bright color, bold security.

Built with care using sturdy plastics, these envelopes

are your solution for those rough and tumble days. 

Bags, bows and wrapping paperBags, bows and wrapping paper

Celebrate in Style with our Party & Gift Essentials. Let your imagination run wild with our fabulous Gift Wrapping collection! Bursting with beauty, charm, and endless possibilities, each item is designed to add a dash of excitement to your presents.With over eleven categories to explore, you're guaranteed to find the perfect accents for every occasion!

Every Color, Every Size

Make a Statement with Colorful Envelopes from JAM Paper and Envelope! 

Your envelopes are the first impression of your message, so why settle for ordinary? 

Welcome to the colorful world of JAM Paper and Envelope, where we offer an unparalleled selection of paper and plastic envelopes to meet every need. 

Whether you're planning an event or sending out holiday cards, our collection features a diverse range of colors, styles, and sizes that fit every occasion. Our A7 envelopes are perfect for invitations, while our #10 envelopes are ideal for business use.

With color options ranging from classic white to metallic hues, we ensure that your mail stands out from the crowd. Whether you're a devoted minimalist favoring neutrals or a lover of vibrant hues from every corner of the rainbow, our extensive collection has something for everyone. Say goodbye to bland envelopes and hello to a world of vibrance with JAM Paper and Envelope! 

Office Supplies

Spruce up your workspace with a splash of color! Step into a realm where your workspace reflects your unique style and ambition with our extensive range of colorful office supplies. Our products are crafted from the highest quality materials and guarantee exceptional durability and reliability.

Whether you find yourself navigating the fast-paced environment of the corporate office, the cozy confines of your home workspace, or the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the classroom, our comprehensive collection ensures that all your needs are met and exceeded in every possible way. Explore our extensive inventory and indulge in a veritable spectrum of vibrant colors and an exhaustive array of office and school necessities, each item carefully chosen to cater to every conceivable preference and requirement. 

Looking for a coordinated set of staplers and staples? Look no further than JAM. Explore our range of holders and cases for keeping your stationery and documents right where you need them. From classic crimson tape dispensers that exude authority to hot pink butterfly paper clips that add a touch of playfulness, our offerings are designed to elevate your surroundings and streamline your tasks, thereby ensuring optimal efficiency and organization in all your endeavors. 

Transform your workspace into a hub of creativity and productivity with our collection—start exploring today and unlock your full potential!


Welcome to the festive wonderland of gifting! 

Dive into a world where every gift becomes a spectacle! Birthdays? Anniversaries? Weddings? We've got the magic for them all. Picture this: dazzling cards, note cards that sing your thoughts, and an explosion of gift bags and boxes that scream "Open me!" Wrapping paper that wraps not just gifts, but hearts, and bows that tie everything together with a wink.

Navigate through our treasure trove of gift bags in all shapes, sizes, and shades. Just stuff them with our rainbow tissue paper, and voilà, your gift is now a bundle of joy! Or let our gift boxes do the talking – from sparkling foils to chic glossy finishes, making your present the belle of the ball has never been easier.

Ready to be the master of ceremonies in the gift-giving gala? Explore our collection and let your gifts whisper, shout, and sing your affection most delightfully!


Unleash Organizational Wizardry with JAM Folders!

Prepare to transform your desk from a battleground of paperwork into a haven of order with JAM folders! These champions of organization, are forged from materials that take durability to a new level, ensuring your papers emerge unscathed from the daily grind.

Do you have a spectrum of subjects or a diverse portfolio of projects? No problem! Our treasure trove of folders comes in every shade and style imaginable, ready to categorize, dazzle, and impress. Choose from our lineup of glossy wonders, popping colors, and ultra-resilient options, each one designed to be a key player in your quest for order.

Whether you’re plotting out your semester with military precision or curating a professional image that screams ‘I’ve got this,’ our array of colors and patterns is unmatched. Leap from crystal-clear clarity to deep, enigmatic black, enjoying the tactile pleasures of our varied finishes along the way. JAM folders aren’t just about keeping things together—they’re about elevating your organizational flair to legendary status!

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