Binders By Color

Your favorite color doesn't have to be sacrificed when you need to start organizing. Our binders come in a collection of different colors, so pick your favorite and your organization has begun. It's that simple! As you click on the best color to fit your office style, you'll find that each color comes in an assortment of sizes and styles. So when you're not too sure exactly about the size or style, but certain on the color, this page will help you navigate easily and efficiently.

Want to make a statement as you walk through the office or school halls? Go for our Red Binders. Bright and vibrant, you'll be sure to send the message of strength and power. Want a sweeter edge? Try our Purple Binders. From Lilac to Deep Purple, from Wave to Frosted, you'll definitely get the perfect shade and style for you. Go for our Brown Binders, available in Recycled Kraft (80% Recycled), for a natural look. Or go for our Clear Binders when you want to be able to see the content inside. Our Silver Binders, available in Aluminum, will surely keep your items protected and our White Binders, available in Linen, will keep your style protected too. Any color of the rainbow and more will make your binder style satisfied, so start shopping now!

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