Pink Cardstock

Calling all lovers of pink! Our Pink Cardstock will tickle you pink, both literally and figuratively. The thick and sturdy coverstock is perfect for those important documents like resumes or portfolios, those professional looking invitations, even your kids' arts and crafts. From baby showers to breast cancer awareness flyers, from resumes just like Elle Woods to heart banners for Valentine's day, this pink cover is versatile, strong, and in over ten different shades! Just click around to find a favorite!

Pink Cardstock is available in 8.5 x 11 (standard letter size), 8.5 x 14 (legal size) and 11 x 17 (tabloid size). This way whether you need a piece of cover for your resume or an oversized cover for your poster, we have all choices for you!

Please note: Most home printers can print on up to 80lb thickness. Thicker cardstock may require feeding the printer manually. Certain finishes may also affect the printing. Check your printer to see exactly what type of cardstock it can handle.

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