Glitter Ribbon

Glitz, Glam, GLITTER! Want your gift to get a little more ‘diva’? These glitter ribbon will make any gift feel like it’s Mariah Carey herself – and you don’t get much more diva than that. The gift will be so loud and proud that Mariah Carey’s high notes won’t even match up to it.

Great for any occasion, this glitter ribbon will definitely be the center of any kind of party. From the holiday season to a big birthday extravaganza, everyone will be asking you where you got the ribbon. Just make sure you say JAM and not Mariah Carey’s closet as a joke (she hears everything and doesn’t play when it comes to her closet). You can even decorate that big poster you’re giving your sister for her Sweet 16 since Mariah Carey is totally booked.

Each roll of glitter ribbon is 2 inches wide and 9 feet long. 

Wire Edged Glitter Ribbon is available in Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Red, Green, Gold, White & Silver.

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