Sometimes all you need is a pop of color for that plain, white essay to come to life. These colors are so bright that one simple staple on the corner of the page will make all the difference! Liven up that paper with JAM's gorgeously vivid staples! Not only will these colorful staples safely secure your paper, they will look great doing it too. Each color is bold, bright, and an all-around eye catcher.

You'll never choose that boring gray staple again once you get a hand on these! With superior quality and JAM Paper's signature color, you won't be disappointed, and you will never go back to that dullness again. Great things come in small packages, bold is always better, and these staples will win your heart over. Just trust us on this one.

Colored Staples are available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple, and Black. Each pack includes 5000 total staples!

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