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Broaden your horizons and broaden your markers with Broad Line Opaque Paint Markers. Draw, write, and create with one of these markers and get a beautiful, smooth finish to any creation.

Their wide tips make for a great way to boldly and confidently add depth to your work. These opaque paint makers are perfect to use anywhere, from work flyers to home crafts to school projects. They can be used on wood, plaster, foam, walls, paper and terracotta.

Broad Line Opaque Markers are available in over 25 colors. From metallic shades like silver and gold to bold colors like lime green and hot pink, we have the best selection. Get that one color you need or get a bunch to make your crafts pop. And stay that way.

All you need to do is shake the marker, press down, and watch the color appear! This way you can quickly start your project and easily finish it too!

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