Kraft Wrapping Paper

What percentage on the awesome scale is this kraft paper roll? Well, It's made from 100% recycled material, it gives you 37.5 square feet of gift wrap, and it comes in five different colors. If you add that up, these Kraft Paper Rolls are at 142.5%!

Being at more than 100% awesome is a tough feat, but not for these kraft paper rolls. Gift wrap that birthday or holiday present up right and your family will be calling you number 142.5 (or number one, whichever...) The solid colors make for a neutral cover which can be accessorized in any way you want. Stay simple or make art by wrapping your presents up with these Kraft Paper Rolls and You'll be a sure hit on the awesome scale! Brown Kraft Paper Rolls will give your presents a wonderful natural, rustic feel to them. JAM definitely didn't just make that scale the way.

All Kraft Paper Rolls are 2.5 ft wide and 15 feet long, resulting in 37.5 sq ft of gift wrap!

Check out this article on the JAM blog for the best way to use this awesome wrapping paper.

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