Folders By Color

From red to blue, from black to white, from metallic to clear, we have every color twopocket folder there is! These folders are the perfect storage. As the perfect file folder should, they lay flat so that they won't clutter your office desk. At the same time they hold a large amount of papers! With our collection of assorted colors, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for to compliment the mood of your office. As you start to decide on your favorite colored folder, you might not know what kind of style you want. No worries. We have a large assortment of styles, so all you need to do is click through! There are also many different shade of folders assorted within each color category! So whether you want a darker red like burgundy or want to go super vibrant with our pink 2 pocket folders is all up to you. These pocket portfolio make carrying anything from your major documents, to business cards or index cards, to letter size papers, easy. Want the order to be easy too? Buy folders online!

Our Yellow Folders are sure to bring a smile on your boss or teacher's face. Our white presentation folder will bring a sense of calm to the stressful workplace. Green Folders will bring a sense of prosperity and Light Blue will bring a sense of happiness. Any type of message you want to send can be easily done by carrying one of these folders. Most of our folders have choices between regular, three hole punch binder pockets, or fastener options. We also have these astonishing portfolio in plastic, linen, Kraft, and more. Your documents will be more than secure and organized in these great file pockets. So choose your favorite by picking your favorite color. It's that simple! Order folders now!

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