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Everyone needs a good Plastic or Paper Table Cover for their party, any party really. From backyard weddings to birthday parties, the assortment of colors will match any kind of theme. JAM is going to now help you out with some ideas. Ready? Because we aren't...

Baby Pink: Baby Shower. Red: Valentine's Day Party. Black: Funeral (okay, sorry). White: Wedding. Yellow: Banana Eating Contest. Brown: Thanksgiving. Sea Blue: Pool Party. Fuchsia: Sweet 16. Gold: 50 Year Anniversary Party. Ivory: A less pure wedding. Silver: A "you're getting old" party. Lime Green: Neon Paint Party. Orange: Halloween. Purple: Party full of royalty (like Lorde). Blue: We ran out of ideas so we're just going to say birthday.

As you can see, these table covers are great for any kind of event and will brighten up your party so much, that the silver "you're getting old" party will turn into a silver Benjamin Button party!

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