Hole Puncher

JAM Paper 3-Hole Punchers feature an adjustable paper guide and durable metal construction. This hole puncher has a ten sheet capacity with 20lb paper, so you can spend less time punching holes and more time admiring how good it looks on your desk! Think about all those loose papers scattered around your area. As soon as you get your new JAM threehole punch, those pesky papers can go right into some pretty Binders. Your workspace will be cleaner and more organized than ever before with your paper punched expertly, you'll be rolling with the punches in no time. The scraps from punching the holes will be trapped in the handy tray on the bottom, ensuring there will be no more mess in your area. These hole punches come in fashionable colors to coordinate with your other JAM Paper office supplies!

3-Hole Punches measure 10 3/8" x 2 1/4" x 1 5/8" and are currently available in White, Blue, Black, and Red. The 3 holes are 9/32in each.

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