Baker's Twine

Patty cake, patty cake, baker's twine. Wrap me a present as fast as you can. Roll it, tie it, mark it with a JAM. Put it on a present for everyone to see!

This baker's twine is a great way to wrap your presents in style without going overboard. Whether you're wrapping up something from the bakery (since this is where the ribbon gets its name) or using it for a more personal present, this ribbon will compliment any gift you decide to give.

The 500-yard-long and 100-yard-long ribbon rolls will last through tons of holiday seasons. Perfect for wrapping boxes during any time of year, from Christmas to Fourth of July. They can even be used for creative craft projects. Tie your arts and crafts in style with our Baker's Twine.

Baker's Twine is sold in:

-Black and White (100 and 500 yards)

-Red and White (100 and 500 yards)

-Orange and White

-Grey and White

-Purple and White

-Blue and White

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