Jute Ribbon

Tie it up with our all-purpose jute cord! It's ideal for decorative packaging, wrapping parcels, craft projects of all kinds and much more. Looking to add a little rustic charm to your creations? This burlap ribbon is perfect for adding a natural beauty to gift wrap, wreaths & more. A wonderful way to add texture and color to any project. Our wired jute makes it easy to sculpt the cording into shapes or bows. The texture and look will add organic elegance to floral and craft projects. Put some country charm into your projects with this earthy knit jute ribbon. Wire edges make bow making and ribbon sculpting easy.

Jute can be used for almost anything! From tying up a gift to tying up your newspapers, this sturdy ribbon makes for a great accessory. Our assortment of colors will match any kind of occasion. Use or red, orange, or pink for birthdays or go with our classic ivory or natural brown to help wrap up a homemade basket. The twisted jute is always a good choice for when you need to add a special touch to your items. And they'll last you a long time, so all of your gifts will be tied up nicely throughout the whole year with just one spool!

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