Display Books

Display Books

Our JAM Display Book Portfolios are essential no matter what major or profession you are in! If you are in business, it is perfect for holding onto your resumes, cover letters, and previous awards. If you are into art and design it is excellent at showing off your projects all while providing exceptional protection. And if you are a photographer (or just someone who likes to hold onto pictures) these display books will keep them organized and safe from dust during storage, travel, or decoration. With a classy black finish, no one will question the credibility of your work. Not only is the cover a respectable color, it's durable as well, promising long lasting conservation.

These Display Book Portfolios are available in 7 different sizes:

8.5 x 11
9 x 12
9.75 x 11.5
11 x 14
11 x 17
13 x 19
14 x 17

Note the 24 page display books are available with Spiral Ring removable pages. The cover and spine can be customized with your own sheet.

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