Black Paper

Everyone has seen the simple white piece of paper or cardstock paper, but have you ever seen BLACK?! Black Paper is a great alternative to standard white paper and will surely make a statement in anything it's used for.

Use Black Paper and card stock for arts and; crafts projects including signs, Halloween decorations, and any other arts and; crafts projects. For paper crafting or use as art paper, it goes great with silver, gold, and other metallic sharpie markers (that we carry ourselves)! Great for paper art, or even more fun practical use like birthday party invitations. Black Paper can also be used for professional use. Use light-colored ink to make captivating presentations. Even use black paper for your resume to stand out from the crowd. Your interviewer will surely remember you when it's time to hire someone - and paper can help you with that!

Black Paper comes in 8 1/2 x 11 (standard letter size) and 8 1/2 x 14 (legal size) and is available in three options: Black Linen (32lb), metallic (80lb), and Smooth Black (28lb). All Black Paper options are printer friendly and all come in packs of 50 sheets.

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