3/4 Circular Labels

3/4 Circular Labels

Stop running around in circles trying to find the perfect seal for your envelope. Instead, use our 0.75 Inch Circular Labels to not only keep your envelope tightly sealed, but to keep your style intact at the same time.

Our 3/4 inch Circular Labels are perfect for sealing envelopes, home and office organization, and color coding pretty much anything (from school binders to office files). With a variety of colors and finishes to choose from (listed below), you'll find exactly what you're looking for. And with over 100 stickers in each pack, you'll certainly have enough for even the most tedious invitation sending process, maybe even some to spare!

3/4 Inch Circular Seals are available in:

Red packs contain 120 seals
White and Brown Kraft contain 108 seals.
Wafer Seal rolls contain 100 seals.

Sheets available in Brown Kraft, Red, and White
Rolls available in Clear Acetate, Gold Foil, and Silver Foil.

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