Forget about those uneven writing surfaces and keep those flyaway papers intact with our bright, colorful Clipboards.

These durable, reliable clipboards are a valuable asset for any on-the-go student, teacher, coach, nurse, or any other professional. Available in Plastic and Aluminum styles, you won't have to worry about losing your important papers, and you certainly won't have to rely on your coworker's back to take notes on the field.

Plastic Clipboards features a metal clip to secure your documents. Want to keep some of things on you besides your papers, like your pencils, whistle, keys and don't have anywhere to put them? Our Plastic Clipboard Box opens up and has ample storage space for all of those items and more! Comes in three different colors for you to choose from.

Plastic Clipboards available in Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Smoke, and Clear.

Plastic Clipboard Box available in Blue, Purple, and Clear.

Aluminum Clipboards available in Gold, Silver, and Black.

Premium Clipboards available in a variety of colors.

Paperboard Clipboards available in a variety of colors and designs.

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