Blank Note Cards

You definitely won't be drawing a blank once you get a hand on these note cards. The awesome colors, cool textures, and different versions will enhance your creativity tenfold! You'll take one look at one of these flat note cards and all of your vocabulary words will be memorized in a snap! Or use these for plain RSVP cards or even bridal shower or baby shower games! Maybe even as a greeting card at an event you're throwing. You can personalize these blank note cards however you want! Coming in a large assortment of colors, you'll be able to match any color with any kind of occasion.

The blank feature is great to make your card assortment extra special by writing what you want instead of what someone else thinks you want. Make it personal and sentimental with a heartfelt message or make it hilarious and quirky with a great joke. Use a green card for a fun St Patrick's Day card, or a beautiful red or pink one to send that special someone a sweet Valentines Day message. Mix and match and add your own designs for great homemade birthday cards. This card stock stationary is so versatile! Whatever mood you're in will be matched with these blank cards!

Choose from 10 sizes in over 15 colors including panel cards! Get the perfect cards set for any occasion! If you want cards with envelopes, corresponding envelopes sizes are next to each size.

Note: These are NOT the foldover cards. For Foldover cards, please go to the "Blank Foldover Cards" page - under 'Other JAM'n Products You Might Like'.

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