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Have you ever heard of the expression "call a spade a spade"? No? Well perhaps you've heard of Sigmund Freud's famous declaration, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."? We hear at JAM Paper are proud to call our products by their proper names and we never beat around the bush. So without further ado, we present Pen Holders!

Desktop organization just got way easier! Pen Holders, (or just as easily called pencil cups or a pencils holder), are the ideal way of holding all of your, well, pens, alongside all of your other writing instruments. A perfect supplies organizer for the office desk or your home office. Some people swear by the "World's Best Boss" cup holder as desk accessories, others attest to steel mesh cups and pencil boxes as desk organizers to hold their pens and pencils, but true professionals know to use a pen holder for their pencil or pen organization. So invest in a JAM Paper Pen Holder today and start calling it by its proper name. But don't let its name limit you, you can use it for whatever you need! Even take it home and use it as makeup storage r for your makeup brush, or even as a stand for kitchen utensils

JAM Paper Pen Holders are available in Purple, Red, and White colors and feature two slots to fit all of your writing instruments.

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