Brown Binders

Choose a three ring binder with an earthy look. Brown binders have a neutral and natural tone, so they can be used anywhere. Whether you're a traveler, a student, an office worker, or just a parent, one of these brown binder options can help to keep your essential papers neatly organized without fail. Brown binders have three 1 inch rings with an easy open and close feature. Add accumulating papers and take out the ones you don't need any more easily and efficiently, without any rips or tears.

Brown Binders are available with 1 inch rings and include three different styles: Brown Linen, Natural Kraft, and Brown Crocodile.

Choose our Brown Crocodile for a luxurious look or go for our Natural Kraft Binder that's 80% recycled, maybe even try our smooth Linen finish for a sturdy and professional look. Whichever style you pick, you are bound to make the statement you're looking for. Whether that's subtle or fancy, eco-friendly or sharp.

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