Foil Wrapping Paper

Double, double, FOIL and trouble. With our Foil Gift Wrap Rolls, you'll certainly cast a spell on everyone who sees them. Your presents will get a shine unlike any other, and your recipient's face will brighten up just as much.

From metallic foil to matte foil, from solid colors to beautiful designs, we have it all. Use our paper for any kind of occasion, from Christmas to birthdays, from weddings to anniversaries. With this shine there isn't even a need for a bow or ribbon, they stand alone!

Our Foil Wrapping Paper is available in a variety of sizes: 12.5 sq ft, 21 sq ft, 25 sq ft, and 30 sq ft. This way you'll be able to get a size that works for your gift, small, medium, or large.

The matte foil rolls are made from 100% post consumer recycled fiber, for all of your environment lovers out there!

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