Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

Want your gifts to be extra fun? Two words: Polka dots. Because really, who doesn't like the cute design of dots? And no one can pass up a great present! With this awesome combination, you are sure to get the party started. Wrap your gifts with polka dots and find your recipient smiling with joy. Use these rolls for any event, from Christmas to Halloween, from birthdays to just because gifts! The glossy finish and fun design pops so much that there isn't even a need for a bow or ribbon, they speak for themselves! 

Measuring in at a whopping 25 sq ft, the Polka Dot Wrapping Paper rolls will surely last for every wrapping occasion! The paper is 2.5 ft wide and 10 ft long.

40 sq ft rolls available in an assortment of fun designs including: Black with White Dots, Blue with White Dots, Orange with White Dots, Lime Green with White Dots, and Purple with White Dots.

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