Explore the Versatility of This Basic Office Supply: The Binder Clip!

Looking for ingenious ways to put those trusty binder clips to use? Look no further! These versatile little clips aren't just for holding papers together anymore. Here are 15 creative ways to make the most out of your trusty office supply, the binder clip:

Chip Bag Clip

Keep your favorite snacks fresh by folding over the top of the bag and securing it with a binder clip. A classic use for those found binder clips in your work desk. 

Bag Hat Clip

Need a place to hang your hat while on the go? Simply clip it onto your bag strap for easy access.

Wallet Substitute

In a pinch, a binder clip can hold your cards and cash together for a slim and minimalist wallet.

Pants Hack

Popped a button on your pants? No problem! A large binder clip can cinch your pants at the waist in a pinch!

Headphones Organizer

Tired of tangled cords? Wrap your headphones around a binder clip to keep them neat and tangle-free.

ID Clip

Attach your ID badge to a binder clip and clip it onto your clothing or bag for quick identification.

Wire Organizer

Keep your desk tidy by using binder clips to corral loose wires and cables.

Table Number Holder

Hosting a special event? Use binder clips to hold table numbers or name cards for a unique and rustic display.


Mark your place in a book with an extra small binder clip for a fun and functional alternative to traditional bookmarks.

Hang Dry Small Clothes

Clip small clothing items like masks or scarves to a hanger to air dry with ease.

Trash Bag Holder

Prevent your trash bag from slipping into the bin by securing it with a binder clip.


Attach labels to bins, folders, or shelves in your classroom or office for easy organization anywhere.

Bulletin Board Clip

Hang documents, photos, or notes on your bulletin board by clipping them with binder clips. You’re going to need some push pins as well. Easy find for both at JAM.

Wrapping Paper Roll Stopper

Keep your wrapping paper from unraveling by securing it with a binder clip.

These clips are truly remarkable in their versatility, proving that even the simplest office supply can serve multiple purposes beyond its intended use. So, the next time you come across a stash of binder clips tucked away in a drawer, remember that they're more than just office staples—they're versatile problem-solvers ready to tackle a variety of tasks around the house. Whether you're organizing your workspace, keeping your snacks fresh, or hanging up your favorite scarf, binder clips are the unsung heroes of household utility. Embrace their potential and let them shine in all their multi-functional glory! The possibilities are endless!

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