10 Signs You Have an Addiction - Office Supplies Edition

10 Signs You Have an Addiction - Office Supplies Edition

Be honest.

Have you ever caught yourself spending hours organizing your planner in over 5 different colors? Or have you recently obsessed over the latest release of a line of beautifully-patterned pens thatlet's face ityou don't really need?

Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you… but you may very well be addicted to office supplies.

Trust us, we’re with you 100%.

In our opinion, there are few things greater than buying office supplies. Just think of all the colors, sizes, styles, and textures that open up whole worlds of different possibilities!

Funny how a fresh, glossy folder can give you such a rush and make you feel like everything in life will be okay.

If you can relate, don’t be afraid to scroll through, nod in agreement, and then freely peruse our JAM website. You won't be disappointed! Now let's take a look at some of those office supplies…

1. Color coordination makes your heart skip a beat

blue color coordinated paper for office

color-coordinated wrapping paper

via instagram: @jampaper

2. The smell of Sharpies makes you swoon

Colored office Sharpies

Woman smiling

3. Back-to-school shopping genuinely makes up for the fact that school is starting

backpack, school supplies, back to school

4. You own enough notebooks to fill a small library

colored journals stack, notebooks supply

design journal, desk, layout

5. When someone borrows your favorite pen and doesn't return it:

Betty White

red background, colored le pens,

6. Opening a new notebook feels like...

purple, open notebook

via instagram @jampaper

7. You always HAVE to have the newest items

fall envelopes, color array, office, work, school

8. You are most productive when your desk is stocked

organized, stationery, desk, office supplies

JAM, office supplies, stationery, desk, workspace

instagram: @jampaper

9. You really, really want to get married—mostly so you can pick out your wedding invitations and hand-write all of the thank-you notes

ivory wedding envelopes

invitations, thank you cards

10. And if you're being completely honest, you don't actually care that you just spent your whole paycheck on office supplies—100% worth (and will do again)

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Edited on 11/14/2019 by Dana Kim.


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