Craft a Fun & Simple Advent Calendar for the Holidays with JAM Paper Envelopes!

Create a personalized holiday countdown in just a few steps using envelopes and ribbons.

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Envelopes of the Decades

This year we travel back in time, exploring popular colors of prominent art and design movements! Read on to match significant eras with exquisite envelopes.

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Envelope Size Guide: Business and Invitation Envelopes

Here at JAM our motto is “Every Size. Every Color”…and we mean it! With a multitude of envelope sizes to choose from, there really is an envelope to fit any need. From invitation envelopes for weddings and parties, to bubble mailer envelopes to ship something that may need a little more protection, whatever you need, we promise you’ll find it! Check out our website for a giant collection of awesome envelopes. What do you think about an envelope size guide to clear up those questions you always have?

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