At JAM, we aspire to create products that impress with a hybrid of purpose and style. That’s why we never stop innovating within each product category, why our catalog has grown so substantially in the last few years and why we truly embody our motto ‘every color, every size’. We don’t want to just sell you an envelope- we want you to be able to choose from every type of envelope imaginable. We recognize the need for maximum functionality, but also acknowledge the stylistic preferences of a broad, emerging customer base. Envelopes are our bread and butter- we’ve been selling them since JAM’s original incarnation in 1954 as Hudson Envelope, a mere wholesaler and printing service. Today, JAM owns two massive, 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse/office spaces in New Jersey and a beautiful retail location in Manhattan. We sell thousands of office products online through companies such as Target, Staples, Wal-Mart and Amazon. Despite our success, we still think of ourselves as that tiny, urban envelope retailer competing to create colorful, unique supplies. You always see the big picture on our website – the color, the size, the style. But you never really get an inside look on why we love a certain product or what makes a product perfect for your business, wedding, birthday, etc. We wanted to give you more detail and a lot more fun… … through a blog series!! Let’s kick it off with some of our envelopes. We sell every type of envelope you could ever need, in nearly any size or color you could ever want. Translucent envelopes, policy envelopes, padded bubble mailers, plastic envelopes, cello sleeves, recycled envelopes and so much more. Below are a few of our more ‘LUXURIOUS’ envelope sets that customers cannot get enough of.

Leather Envelopes

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Perfect for any business day, for traveling with important documents, for completing a sophisticated look. The LUXURIOUS leather envelopes come with either stylish button string closures, snap closures or no closure. Store entire presentations, paperwork and more- and retain some elegance while you’re at it! We’re serious- our LUXURIOUS leather envelopes really do look that good.


Foil Lined Envelopes

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The totally LUXURIOUS , Foil Lined Envelopes are wonderful for when you can’t just send any old, plain envelope. You want a radiant backdrop to complement your personal note, exclusive invitation or your nephew’s birthday gift that nearly slipped your mind. Fret not! You can order our LUXURIOUS Foil Lined Envelopes with red, gold, silver, metallic or glossy black lining.

Linen Envelopes

Recycled envelopes, linen envelopes, envelopes, nice envelopes, pretty envelopes

Here, LUXURY meets practicality- our Linen Envelopes are 30% recycled consumer waste and still offer a classy appearance that far exceeds that of an ordinary envelope. We also have matching linen paper and cardstock for those OCD-ites who need matching everything. There are over 25 sizes for these LUXURIOUS envelopes because JAM really does believe in ‘every color, every size’.

There you have it! Some truly delightful, LUXURIOUS  envelope sets from JAM Paper. Please check out our enormous catalog of envelopes at the link below. /Envelopes Tune in for part two of the product blog series next week- we'll be looking at LUXURIOUS Portfolios!    


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