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Envelopes - By Style

  • Envelopes - By Style
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    • We believe that envelopes are just as important as the message they deliver. That is why we offer the most extensive line of paper and plastic options in the world for envelopes. We sell thousands of different envelopes for both business and personal use. Envelopes in all the colors, styles, and sizes you could ever need. Check us out for weddings, greeting cards, promotional mail, business needs, and school organization. We are veterans in the envelopes industry!

      Our mailers and envelopes come large and sturdy, or small and petite. Use the larger envelopes for mailing promotional materials like packets, presentations, and resumes. Smaller envelopes are great for crafting, decorations, and party favors. Remember, bright colors are ideal for grabbing attention while darker colors harbor a sophisticated atmosphere that is hard to beat.

      If you are trying to organize your home office or schoolwork, look into our plastic options. We have envelopes with zip closures, button and string closures, and Velcro closures. Systematizing and color coding has never been easier.
      For the environmentally conscious, feel free to browse one of our many recycled envelopes. The kraft and parchment lines are our most popular.

      If you need any help finding the perfect envelope for you, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-8010-JAM.