Policy Envelopes

Policy envelopes, also known as #10 business envelopes, aren't just limited to basic white. We've got all different colors and styles all which lead to one thing, options! Take a policy envelope and transform it into whatever you need it for. For any imaginable occasion whether it's personal or business related, a policy envelope will be a great option for you.

These envelopes are available in virtually every color as well as a broad range of designs. You can go with a metallic, a vibrant neon hue, a matte dark base, or a pretty translucent choice. They are also offered in the classics: smooth blacks, bright whites, and natural krafts. Your recipient won't receive anything else quite like these options.

Policy envelopes open on the small side. They can be just what you need for those hard-to-fit messages or special handmade cards.

Inspiring mail starts with the presentation. In an unusual size and color, a #10 business envelope fits the bill (or fits the invitation, announcement, promotion, greeting, etc.).

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