Envelopes 101: Tips on Choosing the Right One!

Envelopes 101: Tips on Choosing the Right One!choosing the right envelope text surrounded by colorful envelopes

Choosing the right envelope can depend on several criteria: Who are you sending to? What are you sending? Are you trying to grab attention? Will it be protected? With so many options to choose from we've shared some tips on choosing the right envelope for every occasion!

row of bold envelopes of unique styles and colors

JAM Paper has envelopes in every color & size to match the look you or your company needs! Studies  have shown that consumers are more likely to open mail that is brightly colored or an oversized item than pieces that look just like the rest of their mail. However in the professional world, people are more likely to open something more official-looking. Choose wisely!

row of differently sized envelopes in height orderMake sure the contents fit snug; the size of the envelope can affect the cost and mail ability. If you are unsure of envelope sizing terms check out our blogs on envelope sizes: Promotional Mail | Social and Invitations | Commercial and Business

decorated and personalized envelopes

It's easy to stay classic just writing the address directly on the envelope. Try a colorful label to print the address, return address, or even your logo. Here I have used JAM's address labels for that extra punch of color and element of design.

choosing the right envelope: row of shiny metallic bubble mailer envelopes

If the contents are more fragile or sensitive think about a padded mailer, which gives extra protection

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