Decorate for St. Patrick's Day: DIY Paper Banner

Decorate for St. Patrick's Day: DIY Paper Banner


Make your home St Paddy's Day ready with this DIY paper banner!

Supplies: colored paper | twine | ribbon


Start with your choice of paper for the banner and cut to your desired size. Then punch holes in the corners thick enough for twine or whatever you use to hang the banner. Here I used off white and gold cardstock.

Decorate these as you wish! I made a triangle template to cut the bottom and strips of gold paper to outline the sides.

To create the letters I freehanded drawing them on green paper. You can stylize them however you wish.

For the 3D shamrocks: fold a piece of paper in half then cut half of a heart making sure the middle is where the paper is folded. Try different color paper and cutting different sizes to achieve this look!

Tie ribbon in-between your banner letters to add dimension and length!

Materials for St. Patrick's Day banner


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