DIY: Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day flyer - "Earth Day: April 22nd" -  flowers

DIY: Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Calling all kids out there! Earth Day is just around the corner! This year JAM has a plan for you and all your Earth Day crafts: these projects won’t just brighten up your day, but will also be a huge help to your environment. You know, that important place we all live in that needs to be kept clean. Because without Earth, we’d all be floating in outer space! That might sound cool, but Earth keeps you grounded … literally.

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Who doesn't have bits and piece of scrap paper laying around? A great way to reuse them is making a collage! Let the colors you have inspire their art. Here I gathered all my green and blue scraps for an Earth collage. Scrap paper earth collage

Another easy DIY craft using scrap paper is an "Earth Day Promise" hand. This is a great craft to get kids thinking about their impact on Earth and could be made into a bulletin board display or door covering for a classroom."My earth day promise," hand cutouts on black paper

What will you be recycling this Earth Day? What did you think of our Earth day crafts? Drop us a comment below!

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