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When shine is your number one priority and a unique envelope is what you're looking for, these Foil Envelopes are sure to answer to both of those wishes. Our poly mailing envelopes will brighten up any occasion and are sure to dazzle any recipient. Whether you want your business to effectively reach potential clients or your entire Christmas party guest list to RSVP, these Foil Envelopes will move anyone to action with just one glance! So take a look at our many options for your next event.

Zip through your invitations with our Zip Foils, available in See-Through Foil and Gold! They'll keep your documents secure and impress your friends and family. Our Foil Envelopes with Peel and Seal Closure have over 15 colors to choose from and over 10 different sizes, so that you'll always have the perfect color and size for all of your events. And when the most wonderful time of year comes around, we have Foil Holiday Envelopes to match the beautifully designed Christmas cards or Happy Holiday wishes. When you want to add a touch of foil without being so loud about it, our Envelopes with Foil Lining are here for you. When someone opens up this White with Red Foil Lining Envelope and sees the shiny surprise, they are sure to be interested in anything you have to say--they may even write a thank you card. So start shopping for these statement envelopes today!

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