Utilize Color for Better Mailing

Utilize Color for Better Mailing

You may have noticed that here at JAM Paper, we have no shortage of colors when it comes to paper and envelopes. In fact, you might even say that we have EVERY color (and every size). Because we have provided you with this bountiful color selection, we thought it might be good if we also provided a brief guide to using these colors, and various color combinations, to your advantage. By pairing complimentary and analogous colored paper and envelopes, you can increase the chances that your business and personal mailings have of getting noticed and remembered by clients and recipients! Here, we will look at some complimentary and analogous color combinations represented in JAM's selection of products to help you make smarter choices when shopping for paper and envelopes! For a quick recap on color theory, complimentary colors are colors that lie across from each other on the color wheel (opposite colors). Analogous (similar) colors are those that appear next to or near each other on the color wheel.

color wheel

Let's start with Complimentary combinations. Note: In addition to colors pictured on the above color wheel, we will be exploring gold as a complimentary color for cool colors (colors on the left of the color wheel).

Complimentary Combinations

1. Red and Green

Red flowers, green field

This beautiful combination can be created with any of our red and green paper and envelopes. Our red envelopes are sold in a variety of shades and sizes, including Brite Hue Red Recycled, Burgundy, and Dark Red. Red Paper is available in these same shades and others.

For something lighter in the same color family, see our pink paper and envelope options! Our green envelopes are sold in Brite Hue Green, Ultra Lime Green, Green Recycled Parchment, Dark GreenOlive Green, Malachite Metallic, Leaf Green, Racing Green, and Light Green! Green Paper is available in all of these colors as well as Mint Green and Chartreuse. Some of our suggested color combinations are brite hue red with bright hue green, green parchment with ultra pink, burgundy with dark green or racing green, brite hue red with racing green, and ultra lime with pink recycled parchment.

2. Orange and Blue

 Orange falling into blue water

Frequently featured on beach towels and the jerseys of college sports teams, orange and blue is a classic color combination. Here at JAM, we have numerous shades of blue envelopes and paper, and a couple different shades of orange products as well to help you bring this color combo to you mailing projects. Choose from Orange Recycled Brite Hue, Ultra Orange Brite Hue, Dark Orange, and Mandarin Orange envelopes!  Dark Orange, Orange Recycled Brite Hue, and Ultra Orange Brite Hue colors also appear among our election of orange paper! See also : Gold Paper options Let's talk about the blues. Among JAM's selection of blue paper, you will find Presidential Blue, Baby Blue, Navy Blue, Aqua, Brite Hue Blue , Sea Blue, Blue Parchment, Teal, and Sapphire Metallic. Blue envelopes are also available in all of these blue shades! Try Ultra Orange Brite Hue with Presidential Blue, Ultra Orange with Blue Brite Hue, Navy Blue with Dark Orange, Teal with Metallic Gold, Sea Blue with Antique Gold, and more!

3. Yellow and Purple

yellow fish, purple background

Our yellow envelopes and paper comes in every shade of sunlight! These shades include Yellow Brite Hue, Light Yellow, and Sunflower Yellow! See also: Metallic Gold  Our beautiful and royal purple paper and envelopes come in Violet Brite Hue, Dark Purple, Light Purple, and Ultra Grape shades! Try Dark Purple envelopes with Yellow Brite Hue, Metallic Gold, Light Yellow, and Antique Gold paper! Take a look at Ultra Grape and Violet Brite Hue Envelopes with Yellow Brite Hue or Sunflower Yellow. Use Light Yellow envelopes with dark purple paper. The way combine these colors is up to you! Now let's take a look at some analogous color options. Analogous colors appear next to other on the color wheel.

Analogous Combinations

1. Red, Dark Red, Burgundy, Pink, and Fuchsia

red rose

First, we will visit the upper right of the color wheel where the red family lives. At JAM, this family is represented most strongly by Red Brite Hue, Dark Red, Burgundy, and Jupiter Red envelopes and paper! More distant relatives reside in the pink family. Members of the pink family at JAM include Ultra Pink Brite Hue, Ultra Fuchsia Brite Hue, Baby Pink, and Pink Recycled Parchment envelopes and paper. Combine Burgundy with Dark Red, Dark red with Red Brite Hue, Pink Parchment with Burgundy, baby Pink with Ultra Fuchsia, and more!

2. Dark Purple, Ultra Grape, Violet Brite Hue

Purple hallway

Now we will move to the top left of the color wheel. As mentioned above, JAM has a variety of purples including Violet Brite Hue, Dark Purple, and Ultra Grape Brite Hue. Violet and Ultra Grape paper both go beautifully with Dark Purple envelopes. If you're feeling experimental try the inverse of one of the two or of booth. If you truly love bright shades of purple, try ultra grape and and violet together!

3. Blue, Navy, Bright Blue, Presidential Blue, Sea Blue, Teal

blue water, sky

Our great selection of blue colors was mentioned about in the orange and blue portion. Possible fantastic analogous color combinations that can be created with these blue shades are Sea Blue with Navy Blue, Blue Recycled Parchment with Presidential Blue, Aqua with See Blue, Presidential Blue with Navy Blue, Blue Brite Hue with Navy Blue, Aqua with Teal, and any other of your creation!

4. Bright Green, Dark Green, Lime Green

green leaves

Now we will revisit our green paper and envelopes to explore the lively and appealing combinations that that can be created with them. Use Brite Hue Green paper with Dark Green envelopes, Green Recycled Parchment Paper with racing Green Envelopes, Ultra Lime paper with Olive Green Envelopes, Green Recycled Parchment with Ultra Lime (to even out the tones of each) and more.

5. Yellow, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, Gold

yellow corn

Remember when we said that our yellow products come in every shade of sunlight? Why not combine some of these shades so that the mail you send will really brighten someone's day? Try Light Yellow with Yellow Brite Hue, Antique Gold with Sunflower Yellow, and other combinations of these colors. Keep in mind that Gold Metallic paper also fits in with tones of yellow!

6. Orange, Dark Orange

orange flower

Orange paper and envelopes are available in Orange Brite Hue, Ultra Orange, Dark Orange, and Mandarin Orange. Red shades can also be analogous with shades of orange! If you want to make sure your next mailing will not go unnoticed, try some orange combinations. Use Orange Brite Hue with Dark Orange, Ultra Orange with Orange Brite Hue, Dark Oange with Ultra Orange, or Mandarin Orange with Dark Orange! Dark Orange and Dark Red also go together beautifully. We hope that you found our color guide helpful and this it helped you mail look eye-catching and coordinated! Do you have any questions or further color combination suggestions? Let us know in the comments!


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