Steve Levine

Envelope Size Guide: Business and Invitation Envelopes

Here at JAM our motto is “Every Size. Every Color”…and we mean it! With a multitude of envelope sizes to choose from, there really is an envelope to fit any need. From invitation envelopes for weddings and parties, to bubble mailer envelopes to ship something that may need a little more protection, whatever you need, we promise you’ll find it! Check out our website for a giant collection of awesome envelopes. What do you think about an envelope size guide to clear up those questions you always have?

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Gift Ideas for Sports Fans and Players

Everyone knows that finding gifts for loved ones isn't the easiest job. Maybe they already have it, or maybe they won't like it, or maybe they will never use it. These thoughts are all too common as you tirelessly browse the internet for the perfect gifts. The best solution is to bring it back to the basics. What does the person enjoy? If he or she enjoys sports like the millions of other people in the world, then take a peek at all of our gift ideas for sports fans.

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