Ruth Anne

Envelopes of the Decades

This year we travel back in time, exploring popular colors of prominent art and design movements! Read on to match significant eras with exquisite envelopes.

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DIY: How to Make Paper Clip Necklaces

JAMin’ in the Streets! Keep reading to learn how to make DIY: How to Make Paper Clip Necklaces!

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Elements of Writing a Letter

If you’re feeling distant from your closest friends and family this year during the holidays, you are not alone!  Sure, a call, text, or facetime is an easy and immediate way to communicate, but there is no feeling like reading an actual letter, with actual handwritten words from someone you care about. This article will teach you the components and elements of writing a letter!

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Children At Home Driving You Crazy With the Question, <i>“What Are We Doing for Halloween”?</i>

The big question everyone is thinking this year; “Is Halloween Cancelled?” Thanks to the notorious COVID-19 outbreak reaching its way worldwide, leaving so many people wondering what they are going to do for their children on Halloween. With no classroom parties, Trick-or-Treating or Trunk-or-Treat, no Parades, or any event guaranteed right now, how do you keep the spirit going during the holidays?

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