DIY: How to Make Paper Clip Necklaces

DIY: How to Make Paper Clip Necklaces

JAMin’ in the Streets! Keep reading to learn how to make DIY: How to Make Paper Clip Necklaces!

This holiday season, JAM® ventures into one of the world’s fashion capitals to debut new jewelry. Check out JAM's Paperclip Necklace live on the streets of New York City! Word on the street is JAM's Paperclip Necklace is HOT.

ART SECRETS: Make JAM’s Paperclip Necklace with Warm Colors this Cool Season!

How to make JAM’s Paperclip Necklace

With gemstones being rare, we decided to make jewelry with easier to attain resources that celebrate fantastic, seasonal colors!

1 Gold Colorful Butterfly Paperclips

9 Black Colorful Circular Papercloops

30 Orange Colorful Paperclips - Standard Size

Optional: Orange Colorful Paperclips Jumbo (2 Inch)

Optional: Yellow Office Clip Assortment Pack - Regular, Jumbo, Circle, & Binder Clips

How to Make a Necklace: A Pattern Suggestion

Start linking your patterns

  • To make this JAM® Paperclip Necklaces, collect 30 Yellow Standard Size Paperclips, 9 Black Papercloops® Round Paperclips, 1 Gold Butterfly Paperclips, and 3 Gold Wood Clothing Pin Medium Clothing Pins 1 1/8 Inch.
  • Link 3 Yellow Standard Size Paperclips, repeat 10 times until you have 10 sets of 3 Yellow Colorful Paperclips - Standard Size Paperclips linked.
  • Start linking the Papercloops® Round Paperclips on the ends of all sets of Link 3 Yellow Standard Size Paperclips except the ends of 3 sets of Standard Size Paperclips (two sets of the 3 Standard Size Paperclips will be joined by 1 Papercloops® Round Paperclip that fastens behind the neck, while two other sets will link on to the pendant).
Two sets of the 3 Yellow Standard Size Paperclips will be joined by 1 Papercloops® Round Paperclip that fastens behind the neck
  • Connect the pendant to open chains.
  • Make a Pendant. Clip on 3 Gold Wood Clothing Pin Medium Clothing Pins to 1 Gold Butterfly Paperclips.
  • Link the open chains by 1 Papercloops® Round Paperclip that fastens behind the neck.
  • Throw on matching clothes and hit the town!

JAM's Paperclip Necklace Debuts in New York City

This month, JAM® takes to the streets of New York City to meet up with locals who celebrate orange and yellow. As the top global fashion capital of the decade, New York City is full of fashion fanatics. North East fashionistas are especially attracted to the vivid colors of the regional fall foliage. In this cool climate, fluffy tree leaves flaunt jewel hues, like ruby-wine and amethyst. Pine trees wear emerald green, snow white crystals, and silver icicles. During New York’s autumn – when and where we caught up with two locals – citrine yellow and Spessartite Garnet orange brighten the streets.

What do different colors symbolize?

Throughout cool months, New Yorkers turn to warm colors that are associated with sunshine.


A powerful color that conveys optimism, orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.


Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum. Yellow captures our attention more than any other color.

Both orange and yellow are associated with joy, creativity, optimism and sunshine.

“This season is a good time to create crafts that brighten holidays. Make a necklace or collage. Get creative!”

Edwin Vazquez MusicaSinger Songwriter Composer Guitarist ArtistInstagram: @edwinvazquezmusica

This necklace is cute! It’s an easy and artistic way to put a smile on someone’s face.” 

Berline MassenaEssential Health Care WorkerInstagram: @observantbee

That about sums it up!  JAM® has all the supplies you need to make your style complete!  Check out the wide selection of colors and sizes of our super unique paperclips!  Happy Holidays and happy necklace making! Make sure to follow our blog, Instagram and Pinterest to get the scoop on our latest new crafts and items! Don’t forget to leave comments down below. We’d love to hear how this "DIY: How to make Paper Clip Necklaces" tutorial worked for you, and if you have any suggestions don’t be shy, we’re all ears! 


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