Fall in Love With Our DIY Fall Banner

Fall in Love With Our DIY Fall Banner

With fall arriving this Sunday we thought we would share with you a simple fall foliage inspired banner. It's super easy to make and if you're looking for some fall decor, it's a lovely option.

brown leaves strung together with letters against brown wall


fall color paper with scissors, glue, hole puncher, and twine

Creating the Leaves

We created the leaves by using an online stencil site, stencil-workshop.com, and printing the stencil out on our cardstock. Print two different leaf sizes for every piece of cardstock.  The larger leaves will hold the lettering, while the smaller leaves will be placed in between as decoration. We wanted a nice autumn palette so the colors we chose were:
  • Copper
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Dark Orange

fall banner leaf shaped stencil on gold paper

Adding the Letters

Using a Microsoft Word Document, open WordArt style one and type out the letters: FALL. Adjust the sizing accordingly. They should be small enough to sit at the center of your leaves. Once you are ready, print your letters out on your beautiful ivory paperCut out your letters and arrange your leaves in the color pattern you've chosen. Then simply glue the letters on. 

Attaching the Leaves

Once your leaves are ready, use your single hole punch to punch two holes on each leaf (one of either sides of the letter). For the smaller leaves you can punch holes at the top. Once you are done, cut a long section of Kraft wraphia and loop them all together. Tie off ends to create little circles for easy hanging.

Orange leaf cutout with letter L on fall banner

There you have it. A simple fall banner perfect for your front door, office desk, or store window.

Fall Banner saying fall on leaves

From your friends at JAM, happy autumn everyone!


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