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RibbonPro Scissors

RibbonPro Scissors

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Remember that time when you were making a craft and you just couldn't cut the ribbon nicely. It's because that scissor wasn't from JAM! Let’s face it. Your standard scissors don’t cut it when it comes to ribbons and fabric. If the blades are sharp but the alignment is off, they will chew up the fabric. If the blades are aligned but dull, they will pinch or tear the fabric. That’s why we have RibbonPro Scissors!

That’s why we have scissors dedicated solely to sewing and cutting ribbons and fabric. With sharp blades made of high-quality stainless steel and a comfortable handle made of soft plastic, our Ribbon and Fabric Scissors will cut right where you aim. These scissors are perfect for sewing, cutting clothes, cutting arts and crafts materials, and for cutting JAM Paper’s own popular Satin and Sheer Ribbons!

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