How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart - JAM Style

How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart - JAM Style

bulletin board with colorful labeled sticky notes attached by push pins

A big part of planning your wedding is planning the perfect wedding reception. The place where your guests will gather to eat, drink, and celebrate the joy of your big day. One big issue couples face is the reception seating chart. This is a mockup of your reception space with all the elements laid out.

To create the perfect reception seating chart, here's what you will need:


You should start by cutting out the key pieces of your space and tacking them to the board.

Typically you include:

  • Wedding party table
  • Guest tables
  • Bar
  • Dance floor
  • Stage/DJ booth
Once you have figured out where all of your pieces of furniture will go, it's time to assign guest to tables. This is where things can get tricky. Use your RSVP list to write the names of guests on pieces of cardstock (we like cardstock because it's thicker and won't tear if you have to keep moving it). After you have your guests written down, take time to discuss with your partner where you think each guest should go. This tends to be the hardest part because sometimes certain people don't always get along, so to avoid drama, you'll want to sit them on opposite sides of the room.

Here are some other helpful tips:

  1. Use thumbtacks to place guests. This way if anyone has to be moved it's easier.
  2. Color coordinate bride/groom members so it's easier to see.
  3. Place all kids together at one table. They will keep each other entertained.

colorful paper wedding seating chart push pinned to bulletin board

how to make a wedding seating chart with paper, push pins, and gift tags

There you have it. A simple way to create your wedding reception seating chart.


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